6 School Shooting Resources for Youth Ministry

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School shootings are one of the horrible realities of life for far too many youth. Whether students are directly involved or not, the constant stream of information in the media makes each tragedy have to be processed by students everywhere.

What do you say and do as a youth worker? How do you help your students process? Is there a way for them to become part of the solution? These six resources by real-world youth workers are a great place to start:

Processing Tragedy: Youth Worker Collective Podcast
Listen in to a discussion from veteran youth workers about how we process tragedies like a school shooting with the teens in our groups.

Responding to a School Shooting: Three Approached for Youth Workers
Paulo Lopes offers three broad orientations towards your response that will help you process what seems most appropriate in your context.

From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces: A Tool to Process with Youth
Andy Millman offer this offers a step-by-step tool that will help you have brave conversations about what has happened by adding structure to the processing students need.

Stopping the Shootings – Youth Workers Can Help
Scott Meier has powerful words that will help you think about the shooting as a youth worker including how you can be part of preventing future attacks in your own community.

19 Years After Columbine, No Longer a Unique Story: Supporting Youth Who Have Experienced Trauma
Amy Mcmullen was only ten when she almost lost her mom, a teacher at Columbine High school, and did lose their close family friend and babysitter. Her words challenge us to be more.

Getting Students Engaged: School Shooting Resolutions for Annual Conference
Annual conference is on the horizon. Brad Fiscus offers a way for you to challenge your students to step into leadership in your annual conference by proposing a resolution.

When he's not with his four children and wonderful wife, Jeremy Steele is a teaching pastor at Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, Alabama. He is passionate about engaging people with the movement of God and speaks across the US. He's also the author of Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry. For more about his other books, articles, and resources, see

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