Dave Magee


One of the wonderful ways we resemble God is our desire and ability to create new ideas from the palette that God has created and given to us. This activity helps explore that piece of who we are and works perfectly with the lesson (

Imagine you  had the opportunity to be the Creator and could create a completely new animal.

  • Get into groups of 2 or 3 students and get a sheet of paper and some markers/crayons. You have 10 minutes to 1) draw your new animal, 2) to list its characteristics, and 3) to give it a name.
  • After all students have had time to create a new animal they will then share their creation briefly with the group.
  • After all have shared ask one final question – The reality is that God is not only the Creator, but God also created something from nothing, What is the difference between God being able to create and your creation? (God could literally bring matter and creation into existence, while anything humanity creates is using the pieces of creation we have been given by God.)