Jeremy Steele


This simple game helps get students physically active while engaging the creative side of their mind.

Stand in a circle and choose a person to begin. Instruct each person to think of anything to do that does not involve moving more than a couple of feet away (jump, high-five, pretend to sleep, stand still, etc). The first person will do their action. The second person will do the action of the first and add their action. The third will do the first action, the second action, and conclude with their own. On and on until someone messes up. When they mess up, they are out (they sit down) and the series of actions go to the next person until only one remains.

This hilarious icebreaker combines paper ball fights with all the basics you need to get to know a new group.  Get into pairs and ask each person to find out these things about their partner:

  1. Name
  2. Grade
  3. School
  4. Favorite something
  5. Most interesting place they have ever been/lived
  6. Least favorite something

Pass out paper and let students turn it into something able to be thrown (ball, airplane, etc) When they are done, ask each person to introduce their partner to the group.  Whenever they forget one of the questions, the group members are to throw paper at them!