Mike Rollins


 There is so many different elements to the events that we have to try to remember and I don’t know if you are like me but I tend to almost always forget something. So, here’s the checklist I use to make sure all the details get done. Hope this helps! 

Pre- Retreat stuff

  • Date of the Retreat
  • Location of the retreat
    • Make sure to know when payments and forms are due
  • What is the cost per student
    • Is the cost of the students going to cover cost of chaperones?
  • Get chaperones
  • What transportation will you be using? Church bus, Parent drivers, or renting buses
  • Who is going to be the speaker? 
  • Who is going to be the band? Youth band or hire band?
  • Put students and adults in housing
  • How are going to take care of your adults on this retreat? Green room? Casseroles for the adults after the event?

Small group stuff:

  • Write small group curriculum. 
  • Make small group booklets
  • Put students in small groups
  • What adults will be in what small groups

Worship Session stuff:

  • Sound and media equipment
  • Items the speaker needs for their talks

Games/other activities:

  • Put students in teams for team games
  • Supplies for up front games
  • Supplies for team games
  • Who is going to run up front games?
  • Who is going to run team games?
  • Put students in teams for team games

Post-retreat stuff:

  • Return any borrowed equipment
  • Debrief with team and a few adults
  • Write thank you notes to all the Adults that helped you plan, run and chaperoned the retreat

There’s just something about a good gross game.  Because of the incredible inspiration that came from the Good Mythical Morning episode “Will it Taco?” We created this brilliant evolution taking the taco and replacing it with everyone’s favorite frozen treat:  the popsicle.


Get a box or two of those flavor popsicles and some crazy ingredients. We used M&M’s, Cheetos, sriracha, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and mayonnaise.  Make sure each of the ingredients are hidden so you can reveal them one by one (in ascending order of grossness).  Grab a table and put a trash can close by (for obvious reasons).

The Game
Invite 2 students up at a time. You’ll prepare a popsicle topped with the especial ingredient in front of everyone.  Then have the students  take a bite. Ask them “Will it popsicle?”  they either give a thumbs up or thumbs down. If they both decide “it popsicles,” then it popsicles. If they both decide “it doesn’t popsicle” or if they disagree, then “it doesn’t popsicle!”
When we played, we brought a college student up as a tie breaker.   If the students didn’t agree  if the item would popsicle or not, the college student had to eat it. It only took a couple of popsicles until the youths made sure to disagree so the college student had to eat every item we had. It also helped get the crowd involved and cheering for them to not agree.
If you want to take this game to the next level, by some popsicle makers from amazon and pre-make the popsicles. By doing this you can make a Pickle juice popsicle with m&ms or Mayonnaise popsicle with Oreos.  You know, the normal stuff.
  • flavor popsicles
  • Crazy ingredients
  • table
  • trashcan
  • popsicle maker

Remember Ski-ball? How about we take it to the insane level so that you can play it with a room full of teens at camp!? Basically this is ski ball but bigger and more epic.

Set a table up so only one side of legs are standing, to make a ramp.  Select a volunteer who will be the ball roller.  Then select several other students who will stand in the crowd with buckets of three different sizes: 5 gallon bucket- 1,000 points Smaller bucket- 5,000 points, and Golden bucket- 1,000,000 points!! Make sure you also give the person holding the golden bucket  the XXXL t-shirt to help them be seen. Once a student is given a bucket,  their feet are now “glued” to the floor. They can’t run around the room to try to catch a ball, but they can stretch to catch the ball.

Once it’s all in place, the ball thrower will roll the balls one at a time off the ramp and (hopefully) into the buckets! Play as many rounds of it as you want or switch out contestants on the stage to see who can get the most points. This game can get pretty intense if you have the right people on the stage and the right person running the game!


  • 3- 5 gallon buckets
  • 3-smaller buckets of the same color (like you use to build sand castles)
  • 1- smaller bucket (same as above) that is a yellow or gold color
  • 1- brightly colored XXXL t-shirt
  • 6- tennis balls
  • 1- 6ft or 8ft table