Lent in a Box: A Fantastic Family Lent Resource!

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The Lent In a Box resource is solid in terms of its theological premise, and makes it easy for a family to use the material.  While it avoids familiar words like self-denial, it lifts up the idea that Lent is a time to draw near to God to examine our life in a way  children can grasp.  This is designed for families which is a big plus.”

“The art projects and activities are easy and done in a way that  removes the thought ‘I can’t do this because it is hard.’ 

It is also designed for the churched and unchurched – a huge plus in my book.  The creators encourage churches to give the book to families in the community.  It puts things in a tangible perspective with practical tools like the coin challenge.  It is great to see how we live in abundance or aggressively greedy as you work through counting the number of shoes in a home or the name of TVs.”

Overall, I would recommend Lent in a Box.

Interested?  Here’s a little more information:

Lent in a Box is designed to be a spiritual formation and an outreach tool. Create one for each family in your church. Challenge families to give boxes to their friends and neighbors. Encourage grandparents to give boxes to their grandchildren, and if your church has a preschool or daycare, create one for each family. This is an opportunity to send the good news of Easter into your community in the shape of a box!

Churches purchase a download which includes:

  • Printer ready PDFs for all 7 weeks of Lent that include Scripture readings, Heroes of the Faith stories, hands-on activities, and interactive prayer activities.
  • A link to our Amazon shopping list that includes the additional items you will need to make and fill your Lent boxes

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